Products & Services - Air Pollution Control

RIPCOL Industries Sdn Bhd (RISB) offer air pollution control solution from engineered products to complete turnkey systems. With combination of experience and comprehensive knowledge, we provide fully integrated package with high performance system without excessive downtime or workflow interruption. Contact our highly-experienced engineers today for a reliable air pollution control solution that will meet your environmental needs.

Our solutions include:


Scrubber systems designed are highly effective to remove particles and/or gases from the industrial exhaust streams. We offer various design scrubbers to fit different application such as standard counter-current, vertical counter-current, horizontal cross flow, venturi wet scrubber and etc. Our services from engineering design, fabrication, pre-assembled, pre-tested and site installation.


FRP Centrifugal Fans:

Our wide range reliable high performance corrosion resistance centrifugal fans are designed to exhaust corrosive air in different application environments. The fans design obtained performance data accordance with standard published by AMCA and is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. Housings and impellers are constructed of premium grade of FRP. Each fan is prior to computerized balancing before deliver to customer.


Poly Propylene Packing

DUSTCONTROL PP Packing is more efficient than any other material for scrubber towers. The spherical design provides maximum surface contact between the gas and scrubbing liquids by creating a continuous formation of droplets throughout the packed bed. It will bring the benefits such as: high efficiency, greater gas flow capacity, low static pressure per foot of depth, reduces operating cost, effective with high-solid particulate loading and etc.


Chemical Pump

RISB offer pump constructed by Teflon or Fibreglass material, which is suitable for corrosive solution application like alkaline and acidic. There are both vertical and horizontal type orientations available for different application.