Products & Services - Rubber Glove Production Line Engineering

RIPCOL Industries Sdn Bhd (RISB) is principally engaged in the manufacturing flow of rubber glove as one-stop provider of turnkey engineering and individual system solution. With in-house design & pre-fabrication, technical know-how, project management, site installation and etc. specialized in rubber glove dipping process, air pollution control, quality control and downstream automation.

Our solutions include:

Rubber Glove Production Line Engineering:

RISB have the capacity to handle the turnkey project for the glove production line as one stop provider. A system solution provider, we will walk together with customer from the User requirement specification; System design, review and qualification; Equipment & components specification and selection; Equipment fabrication; System installation, testing and commissioning. 

Chlorination System:

We offer a chlorination system for the tack removal and achieve the specific protein level & coefficient of friction on rubber glove. This process is widely applied for the production of powder-free medical and clean-room gloves. 

Our capabilities are able to design and supply the On-line or Off-line Chlorination System. Where Chlorination can be done off-line by a batch process in chlorinator or on-line in continues process as a part of manufacturing flow.


Water Tight Test System

Water tight test machine are design for checking the pinholes on the particular gloves. This process carries out by filling up the gloves with 1000ml water and identified the leakage in 2 minutes time or the specific requirements.

Automated Stripping System

Automated stripping process online become a trend for the glove manufacturer, as the operating cost rising and the labor are becoming major concerns to the medical glove manufacturing. We provide the computer controlled automated system for stripping process online to maintain quality and increase the productivity. It can be integrated to the existing manufacturing flow without major modified the line.

Chlorination Equipment

We are the official distributor for Lutz-Jesco product, specialise in chlorination equipment:

  • Chlorine vacuum regulator
  • Chlorine ejector
  • Flow meter
  • Chlorine detection system
  • Others